Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

STEM education can be translated into relevant life skills for everyone. STEM education engages the senses, particularly vision and hearing. At Inspired we aim to provide learning experiences that enable participants to function with greater autonomy within their community. STEM is incorporated into many different activities at Inspired.


A range of science-based learning opportunities to achieve optimal health, wellbeing, and independence. Topics include nutrition, weather, health and safety, fire safety, water and electrical safety to mention just a few.


Understanding how to use technology is essential in to actively participate in society today. Participants at Inspired can learn computer skills, typing, using smart phones and iPads. We use assistive technology, educational apps, interactive whiteboards, virtual reality and green screens to teach these essential life skills.


Participants at Inspired can learn practical engineering skills that will support their independence and may be useful in their chosen career path. DIY and maintenance tasks such as hanging pictures changing light bulbs and fuses, painting and decorating are covered.


Tutors at Inspired use creative and innovative teaching methods to give participants the opportunity to use mathematics to increase their independence and employability. Participants put their learning into practice when paying for things in shops, checking their change, leaving on time to catch a bus, arriving at work on time, managing savings and bank accounts, measuring ingredients when cooking, and much more.