Culinary Arts

Cooking is an essential life skill and a very popular activity at Inspired. Participants who choose to cook at Inspired learn so much more than how to prepare a meal. The Culinary Arts Tutor incorporates and teaches other life skills including meal planning, shopping, money management, nutrition, healthy food choices, using kitchen appliances, farming and gardening. Participants have the opportunity to practice all of these skills, allowing them to become more independent and take on some of these responsibilities at home.

With the support of the Kerry ETB, participants at Inspired have published two recipe books. Cook, Snap N’ Taste and Bake, Snap N’ Taste feature breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert recipes that are presented in an easy to read format with photos of each step in the cooking process. Participants were able to use their cooking, photography, literacy and numeracy skills to create these books and we are so very proud of their achievement!

Inspired Presents

The Creative Cake

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