Participant Experiences

Many Inspired participants are employed or engaged in work placements.

Read about each participant's experience in their workplace by clicking on the images below.


Penneys Tralee

I remember feeling nervous on my first day. I was given a tour of the staff room and canteen and was shown how to fold jumpers and jeans correctly. I have come a long way from when I first started, and I feel my confidence has grown. I feel excited that I have gotten paid employment so fast and so happy that I am getting more hours in Penneys.


Adams of Tralee

I remember feeling happy when I first started working at Adams, meeting everyone, given a tour and shown what work I was going to be doing. I am now in paid employment in Adams. Since starting, my computer skills have improved, and I am stocking new shelves. I also help the mechanics in the back occasionally if needed. I am always focused on the task I am doing while at work and feel very confident. I know I am doing my best and enjoy chatting with staff while I am at work.


Adams of Tralee

I went to Liz, Inspired manager and told her I would like to work in an office. She supported me and helped me get a job in Adams of Tralee. I started working upstairs with Majella and was filing. I like to be organised. I now also work downstairs in reception with Claire. I input information on the computer, answer the phone and send emails. I love all that. Adams is a friendly place. I get on great with all the staff. I enjoy being downstairs in reception area as I get to meet a lot of people. I am “pumped” as I have got a new desk upstairs and I love it.


Applegreen Listowel

At the start of 2022, I went to Stephanie, the Career Co-Ordinator and told her ‘this is going to be my year’. Then I told her I wanted to get a job. Stephanie supported and helped me to get a job and I am thankful for that. We went out to meet the Manager in Applegreen, Listowel and he showed me around the shop. On the first day, I was nervous and even for the first few weeks until I got settled.
I work on the shop floor – stacking shelves, helping customers to find products and assisting customers with taking shopping to their cars. I love working with people and love my job. The most important thing is “You always have to smile”.


Bon Secours Hospital

When I started in the Bons, I wasn’t nervous, I was excited. I enjoyed the interview with Sussanna and Daragh. I worked in the office in the Bons hospital with Sussanna and Margaret. I prepared admission form packs, answered the phone and took messages. I showed patients to their appointments and where the restaurant and bathrooms were. I did the post and photocopying. I enjoyed my time and everything in the Bons.



Liam was interested in working in a supermarket. He now works in Tesco where he is responsible for stocking shelves with products from the stock room. Liam is a fun guy so fits in well with his colleagues.


Cathriona's Hair Salon

I felt happy when I first started working in Catriona’s Hair Salon. I remember washing the colour bowls and cleaning the shelf holding the shampoos. The staff were so friendly and showed me where everything was.
I enjoy all the tasks I do at work. I have gotten more confident, and I feel excited going to work at Catriona’s every week and working with all the staff.


Dunnes Stores

I went to Stephanie, Career- Co-Ordinator and asked her ‘Can I get a job in Dunnes?’. We went up to look at Dunnes and then I went for an interview. I talked with HR manager, Claire. I started working on Wednesday but I have moved to Mondays. I work in the storeroom, I bring all the nappies up to the storeroom and put them away on the shelves, I brush the floors and I take the cardboard and plastic to the compacter. I am loving it and I have learned how to use the pallet truck.