Testimonials from Parents


“My daughter Denise thoroughly enjoys Inspired. It is a fantastic service to have, long may it last”

Mary Mahony, Parent of participant

“My daughter really enjoyed the classes. She loved seeing the other participants, listening to them and interacting with them. She laughed a lot during the classes out loud!! Being able to do the classes when we wanted with no pressure was great. Sometimes it didn’t suit us. All Tutors and Jacqui were fantastic. I loved the way they interacted with, listened to & spoke to the participants. That was so impressive. Congratulations and well done on an excellent project. So amazing and worth while – no driving, no pressure and always welcoming. Brilliant altogether. Thank you all so much.”

Parent of Kate McNamara (Covid Cocoon & Connect-Ability Programme)





“There is a considerable amount of evidence about the ways in which the lives of young people with intellectual disabilities falls short of the standards that others expect for their own lives and a growing body of evidence about precisely what works in trying to bring about improvements in their lives”.

REF: (The WHO – Better Lives Better Health research”)


Over the past number of years the closure of institutional type settings has paved the way towards reform. It has also designed a path towards community integration and equality for all. The ethos of Inspired is full integration into the community, employment, and society in general for people with ID. Our programmes have been specifically designed to ensure further integration for people with ID in all elements of society. Over the next 12 months, Inspired will collaborate with University College Dublin (UCD), and Institute of Technology Tralee (ITT), on a number of research projects, specifically related to our programmes. Results of our research will be made available in the near future.