At Inspired, we aim to empower participants to make informed choices and attain their career aspirations. This approach is designed to identify goals, objectives, and planning or up-skilling requirements, enabling participants to achieve and maintain employment.

Job Coaching & Career Development

We use a Web-Working methodology, which offers each participant various levels of support relative to their personal abilities and career choice. This includes, career exploration, job coaching, work mentoring, up-skilling, and finally labour market integration.

Inter-agency Collaboration

We endeavour to foster cross-system and inter-agency collaboration. Inspired facilitates and highlights promising practices, by proactively engaging with agencies and organisations to spur systems change. It is envisaged that these changes will translate into significant improvements in the employment and economic advancement of individuals with disabilities.

Some of these collaborations include:

  • HSE: New Directions (see text & weblink below)
  • Kerry ETB: (see text & weblink below)


Employer Engagement

We continuously reach out to employers in the community to expand employment options for Inspired participants.  With a growing network of employment partners, we are able to customise plans and find meaningful jobs that meet the needs and interests of each individual. We have enabled individuals to thrive in a range of positions and create valuable relationships with local businesses.

Job Development & Community Connections

Linkages to appropriate services in the community are critical if we are to ensure a successful transition to employment and adult life. Services are identified in the community that provide assistance with necessary adaptations required to perform a specific job.  Job coaching and long-term follow along are arranged through Inspired and their business-host partners.