SEL (Social Emotional Literacy)

More and more research points to social and emotional skills like cooperating and helping other as the foundation of thriving in life. 

Learners & participants with strong skills in these areas get along better with their peers and are also more likely to gain meaningful employment. Things like social awareness, setting goals, and taking responsibility for oneself are imperative to maintaining healthy relationships and practicing self-care.

At Inspired, SEL core competencies are delivered through a 4 pillared educational structure:

1.  Social Skill Development

2.  Emotional Skill development

3.  Personal Independence

4.  Community Independence

Some of the modules covered include but are not limited to:


  • Self-awareness – identifying emotions, recognising strengths and needs, and developing a growth mindset

  • Self-management – managing emotions, controlling impulses, and setting goals

  • Social awareness – seeing things from other people’s perspective, showing empathy, and appreciating diversity

  • Relationship skills – communication, cooperation, and conflict resolution

  • Responsible decision-making – including thinking about the consequences of personal behaviour