Community & Advocacy

At Inspired we actively promote social inclusion which is why our roots and premises are embedded within the community and the town centre itself.


Inspired offers a variety of daily activities including community outings, Inspireds, guest speakers, volunteer opportunities, gardening, shopping, events and much more.  Providing community inclusion activities enhances communication and socialisation skills and helps Learners and Participants develop the self-confidence needed to be independent within their community.
Relationships with community members are limited and often not seen as reciprocal. One of the core values of Inspired is to break down barriers, change public perception and create a more inclusive environment for people with disabilities. People with ID can become active citizens and so have an inherent purpose in their own lives, this in turn fosters meaningful inclusion.


People with ID have the right to advocate and/or be supported to act as self-advocates. Self-advocates exercise their rights as citizens by communicating for and representing themselves and others, with whatever supports they need. Self-advocates must have a meaningful role in decision-making in all areas of their daily lives and in public policy decisions that affect people with ID.

Through self-advocacy, people with ID will have more impact on their own situations and on the public policies that affect them.
Self-advocacy has been critically important in supporting people with ID to learn about self-advocacy skills and other topics, including:
  • Civil rights, including the right to vote, the right to integrated services and supports, and self-determination;
  • Self-confidence and development of leadership skills;
  • Successful story-telling;
  • Public speaking;
  • Problem-solving techniques;
  • Participation in group decision-making; and
  • Involvement on boards and task forces and with policymakers at the local, county, and national level.



Examples of Self-Advocacy in Action at Inspired:

Presentations to KCC, The Rotary club Tralee Chamber Alliance, Second Level Students attending local secondary schools, Local Businesses, Attendance at trade fairs and Expo’s. Exercising their freedom of speech and their right to choose.