Our Mission

To empower people with Intellectual Disabilities to achieve their potential, by encouraging personal choices, abilities, interests and advocacy. We are committed to providing exceptional supports through education, enterprise, employment and community inclusion.

Our Vision

To ensure all our participants will have access to information, advocacy, and skills they need to participate as active members of their communities. We aim to ensure that all our participants are treated equally with dignity and respect for their expressed choices, and who have equal opportunities to participate in a society where abilities are recognised.

Core Values

  • Promoting the Fundamental Rights of people to live and participate within their own Community
  • Supporting them to live a life on their own terms by offering exposure, life experiences and promoting Choice, Decision Making & Advocacy.
  • Where each person is encouraged to explore Self-Determination & Career-Advancement.
  • Enabling participants to have meaningful and freely chosen Friendships & Relationships.
  • Experience Fulfilment & Quality of Life, without a high level of interdependency. * Ensuring that Inclusion is paramount for people with ID.
  • Assisting our participants to develop a Personal & Social Identity.
  • Enabling participants to contribute Opinions & Feedback.
  • Empowering participants to achieve Active Citizenship
  • Ensuring each participant can engage in Inspired’s ongoing Educational programmes
  • Engagement in the democratic and political process particularly at a local level.
  • Using a Person-Centred approach based on the participant’s preferences, desires, aspirations and goals.
  • Provision of support towards meaningful Employment
  • Valued & Respected as a contributor to the economic activity of their community and country.
  • Delivery of an Open, Honest & Transparent organisation.
  • Leading with Integrity & Accountability in all aspects of our financial and corporate governance, policies and procedures.