Health Service Executive – HSE
Guided by core values of Inspired, which runs in tandum with the HSE New Directions programme, Inspired is funded by the HSE to empower people with ID to live a healthy, self-directed life in an equal and inclusive society. Year on year Inspired welcome a limited number of HSE funded school leaver referrals. Please note, available placements are limited and are subject to Inspired admissions approval and HSE referral. To subscribe to our waiting list or for further information contact:

The Ability Programme provides funding to 27 local, regional and national projects in the Republic of Ireland that focus on bringing young people with disabilities between the ages of 15 and 29 closer to the labour market. Inspired were one of the 27 successful applicants in 2018. Pobal funding has certainly enhanced and expedited the expansion and growth of Inspired over the past number of years.