Our Culture

Strong Values & Ethos

We believe that every person with ID is entitled to a continuum of learning, skill development, community engagement and career guidance. Inspired aims to go above and beyond current needs by considering the future landscape for those engaging in our programmes.

People Organisation

We are dedicated to the provision of quality of life to our participants. We aim to deliver the most person-centred approach possible, by enabling our participants to have full autonomy, and choice. Equally, we endorse agility and flexibility towards all those we engage with. We challenge each other and value commitment and loyalty.


We empower our staff to develop initiatives, think outside the box and take positive risks. We ensure that staff opinions, ideas and critical thinking is a valued element in our programme design. We will celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes.


Our aim is to make tomorrow better than today. The only constant is our desire to change and improve. We do so by continually making great strides to further enrich the lives of those we support and help them flourish.

Job Satisfaction

We are fully prepared to invest in the well-being of our employees in the belief that we will be rewarded with a happy, dedicated staff and in turn our participants will benefit form the overall positive culture at Inspired.

Innovation & Creation

We encourage the development and research around new programming ideas. We encourage and nudge participants to explore new frontiers and participate in new experiences. We will reinvent ourselves and evolve to ensure, a continuous process of advancement and improvement. We will always embrace change, innovation, and enterprise.


Fostering a positive culture, facilitates social interaction and can lead to some amazing results among our team and within our community. In addition, we engage with other service providers, educational institutions, and organisations, so we can deliver the best possible advantages to our participants and staff members.

Clarity & Transparency

An environment of clarity and full transparency is visible across the entire organisation and includes management, staff, and board of trustees. We recognise that cross-collaboration and inter-communication is vital for the future of our organisation if we are to achieve highly desirable results.

Lobby for Change and a Better Tomorrow

We challenge prejudice and exclusion, and lobby for change to ensure everyone, has the opportunity to participate meaningfully in society.

Quality Standards & Improvement

We see our quality systems as a process that allows us to benchmark our outcomes and monitor our success. We make continuous improvements to these systems so we can enhance our deliverables while staying true to our values.


People with ID must have the right to advocate for themselves and others. They should have the right to speak or act on their own behalf and alongside other people with disabilities, whether the issue is individual or related to broader public policy. Recognising these rights in a respectful partnership between people with and without disabilities can lead to better outcomes and better lives for everyone. To promote this participation, it is critical to acknowledge the important role that self-advocates play in developing leadership skills and increasing people’s pride, influence, and opportunities.