Core Competencies

Strengthened Accountability

Strengthening accountability can be defined as the process which requires Inspired to show, explain and justify how they have discharged their obligations. We have strengthened and defined this process under 3 principles: Judicial: Lobbying Government to bring greater reform. Administrative: Enabling persons to process complaints in a transparent and uncomplicated manner. Social: Provision of our financial and strategic reports on a public platform.

Application of Quality Improvement

We have procedures in place to continuously monitor and measure our quality improvement systems. These include, identification of errors & hazards, risk assessment & evaluation, assessment of outcomes in relation to participant progress, including safety design principles.

Person Centred Approach

We take time to listen, to clearly inform, communicate with, and educate our participants to the best of our ability. We provide a continuum of support that is flexible, agile, and responsive to each and every individual participating in our programmes.

Employ Evidence-Based Practice

We aim to integrate best research with academic and clinical expertise for optimum delivery to our participants.

Utilise Informatics

Communicate, manage knowledge, mitigate error and support decision making using information technology.

Efficiency & Adaptability

To run the organisation effectively and efficiently, so that we can quickly react to unforeseen events, while still maintaining routine for our participants with little or no disruption. Adapting to changing environments and adopting new technologies to enhance offerings, new programmes, and a better way of thinking. Using our initiative and always being flexible.

Innovate & Create

Think creatively to introduce alternative approaches to new situations. Make informed decisions and formulate workable, innovative solutions to unforeseen eventualities. Collectively decide on an effective and cohesive plan of action. Collaborate where possible and set goals to achieve the highest standards.

Equality & Human Rights

Promote a shared understanding of disability based on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. We will encourage staff to find common sense solutions for inclusive-practices and will involve persons with ID in finding these solutions.