Fundraising Policy




Inspired is extremely grateful for our ability to service our locality, as well as the respect and support we have generated from both our participants and our local community. Inspired is fully committed to complying with the Statement for Guiding Principles for Fundraising which was drawn up for the Irish Charities sector in the context of the Charities Act (2009). The Statement sets out best practice for charities who fundraise from the public, based around the central principles of respect, honesty and openness. The purpose of the Fundraising Policy is to provide guidelines for persons within and related to Inspired, as well as the general public on fundraising from any source for the benefit of our organisation.




This policy applies to all services, staff, management, long-term and short-term volunteers, and students on work placement, participants and all persons or organisations who undertake any form of fundraising tasks from private, corporate, public or other sources on behalf of or at the direction of Inspired.


Policy Statement


Inspired is fully committed to complying with the Statement for Guiding Principles for Fundraising and has formally discussed and adopted the Statement under a Board meeting. Inspired intends for this policy to be a confirmation of our commitment to the Statement. Fundraising is an integral part of developing and maintaining the services provided by Inspired, as a result a transparent and accountable fundraising practice is maintained. Inspired ensures that all information surrounding fundraising activities and the means by which we spend money or resources are recorded, clear and available to those who request it, in adherence to organisational policies, the Statement and related legislation.


Procedures and practises


a. Responsibility of Management in Fundraising Activities


Inspired commits itself to the highest standards of good fundraising practice and ensures that all of our fundraising and related activities are respectful, honest, open and lawful. Our fundraising activities are also subject to the Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy of Inspired, therefore any information obtained in confidence and part of the fundraising process must not be disclosed without prior consent from the relevant parties. It is the responsibility of management, or their delegated persons both voluntary and paid, to:

  • Ensure that all fundraisers understand and can generally communicate the vision, mission and purpose of Inspired as well as the specific fundraising activities they are involved in.
  • Ensure that all fundraisers are aware that they must disclose to the public whether they are volunteers, employees of Inspired or third party agents.
  • Provide, as far as possible, clear and adequate information to the public about any necessary follow up Inspired might conduct including telephone procedures.
  • Ensure all fundraisers employ particular caution when soliciting funds from persons who may be considered vulnerable.
  • Where events and activities are organised on behalf on Inspired, without our prior knowledge, Inspired will work with the fundraiser to ensure that they are informed and aware of the fundraising principles to which we are committed and ensure that they are applied to any future fundraising events or activities they hold.
  • Where donations are raised through electronic means, for example through Inspired’s website or social media, Inspired will ensure that the level of security applied to such websites will be of a satisfactory standard to protect the confidentiality of donors credit card and other personal details.
  • Ensure that all public collection have the necessary Garda permits and permissions from the relevant authorities.
  • Ensure that any paid fundraisers are legally entitled to work in the area, remunerated in compliance with the minimum wage regulations and screened to indicate suitability.
  • Ensure that any paid fundraisers and third parties are provided with appropriate contracts, which will include a clause outlining their compliance to the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising, and any related legal requirements that may apply.
  • Ensure all fundraisers, whether paid or voluntary, are adequately trained and informed to enable them to perform their roles as effectively as possible.
  • Ensure that they themselves have adequate information, education and communication skills to inform the public and donors about how fundraising within Inspired is organised, what the funds are used for and the servces and ethos of Inspired. All questions from the public should be answered openly and honestly and adherence to the Statement and good fundraising practise is essential.
  • Ensure that all monetary and non-monetary donations are handled lawfully and in adherence to good practise.
  • Be aware the all decisions regarding the acceptance or decline of donations will be made solely under the guidance of the Board.
  • Be aware that no member of the Board, management, staff or related persons within Inspired can derive any personal benefit from donations or material support offered to Inspired. Where personal benefit is tied to donations, the donations or support will be declined.


b. Donor Statement


Inspired, as a service provider seeking donations from the public aim to comply fully with the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising as well as all related statutory provisions. We vow to ensure that our donors are treated with honesty, respect and openness. We pledge to be both transparent and accountable to ensure that all donors and prospective donors have full confidence in the activities Inspired undertakes. Additionally, Inspired will ensure that all donations will be used solely for the purposes stated and intended.

Inspired will ensure that all donors and prospective donors will:

  • Be educated and informed of our mission, vision and the methods to which Inspired intends to use donated resources and funds.
  • Granted access to Inspired’s most recent financial statements.
  • Be aware that all donations will be used solely for the reasons for which they were given.
  • Receive the appropriate acknowledgment and recognition.
  • Be guaranteed that information about your donation is handled with respect and in compliance to our Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy and all related legislation.
  • Be aware of and have easily available the procedures for making and responding to complaints.
  • Have the opportunity for any names to be deleted from mailing lists.
  • Receive prompt, honest and direct responses to questions you might put forward about Inspired or their fundraising activities.
  • Ensures that an annual compliance report and financial reports consistent with the Statement are received by the Board, ensuring all donations are tracked, recorded and comply with data protection requirements.


c. Feedback


Inspired has employed a Complaints procedure and policy that is consistent with the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising. All complaints, comments and general feedback is recorded for review by management or the delegated persons, and feedback is responded to as promptly and appropriately as is possible. Inspired is contactable by the public through a number of available contact options including telephone, email and in person.




All staff, volunteers and participants of Inspired along with other persons referred to within the scope of this policy are obliged to be familiar with the provisions of this policy. It is the responsibility of the both the management of Inspired, and the volunteers and related parties to ensure that all of the guidelines and procedures in this document are implemented effectively and efficiently.

Maintenance, regular review and updating of this policy is agreed and carried out by management annually. All amendments and alterations to the policy, where necessary, can only be implemented following the reflection and authorization of the management of Inspired.