Compliments, Complaints Policy




Inspired welcomes all feedback from staff, volunteers, participants, parents, other services and related parties. We recognise the value in feedback and will use this to improve our services to the best of our ability. The purpose of the Compliment, Complaint and Comments Policy is to provide general guidelines for handling all feedback, whether positive or negative and to outline our principals of good practice in the management of complaints.




This policy applies to all volunteers, staff, participants, services and related parties to Inspired. There are a number of complaints which cannot be covered by this policy, these include but are not limited to, complaints that are linked to other processes such as legal proceedings, insurance claims or disciplinary proceedings. Additionally, we not generally examine complaints related to events or issues that occurred over 9 months previous.


Policy Statement


Inspired understands that an efficient comments and complaints management system is one of the most effective ways of building and maintaining the relationships with persons and services on which Inspired depends. Inspired believes that all feedback, whether positive or negative, will contribute to our ability to provide the best services possible, help us to recognise our shortcomings and allow us to build upon the positive attributes of our organisation. All comments, complaints and compliments, despite how small they may appear, will be treated in a very serious and professional manner and utilised for the improvement of our services. We aim to ensure our complaints, comments and compliments procedure is kept as simple as possible to ensure that participants and related parties can communicate their feedback and obtain our response with ease.


Procedures and practises


Persons who wish to make a comment, compliment or complaint to Inspired can do so in any way they choose including by telephone call, letter, email, through our website or talking directly to a member of staff.


Upon the receipt of positive feedback, the person(s) will be thanked and the feedback will be recorded.


Making a Complaint


Inspired aims to acknowledge the receipt of complaints within 7 days, through which an offer to discuss the complaint with management in greater detail will be made, in addition to the explanation of the complaints process and the timescale for dealing with complaints.


On the agreed date and time, management and the complainant will discuss the complaint and management will record the details of the complaint on the Complaints form. If the complainant names a staff member or volunteer of Inspired, the person(s) will be informed of the complaint and allowed space to comment. They will, however, not be responsible for investigating or responding to the complainant.


Management will ensure that every effort is made to assist the complainant during the complaints process, and that Inspired not only rectifies, but also learns from the event.


If management is immediately able to resolve the complaint themselves, they will do so. Otherwise the desired outcomes will be agreed with the complainant, along with a timescale. If the investigation takes longer than originally expected, the complainant will be kept informed and updated.


Where necessary, management may request a member of the Committee to take part in the investigation.


Upon completion of the investigation, management will discuss the outcome, results and actions taken during the investigation, with the complainant. If the complainant is not satisfied that all areas of their complaint have been addressed and requests to escalate it, management will inform the complainant of the external options available to them




All comment, compliment and complaint information is handled sensitively and confidentially, upholding all relevant data protection requirements.




All staff, volunteers and participants of Inspired are obliged to be familiar with the provisions of this policy. It is the responsibility of the management of Inspired to ensure that all of the guidelines and procedures in this document are implemented effectively and efficiently. In general, complaints are handled solely by management however the Committee may decide to vary this procedure in order to avoid a conflict of interest, for example a complaint about management should not have management leading the investigation.

Maintenance, regular review and updating of this policy is agreed and carried out by management. All amendments and alterations to the policy, where necessary, can only be implemented following the reflection and authorization of the management of Inspired.