Joining Inspired is a simple process:

Contact Inspired, we’ll send you an application form

Fill out the application form and send it back to Inspired

Visit Inspired for an informal interview

Complete a one month trial period

We’ll make a decision together on whether Inspired is the right place for you or not

To make the application process as fair as possible, we have clear criteria that we use to assess the applications we receive. All applicants must:

Be aged over 15 years

Be registered as having an intellectual disability

Have a medium to high level of independence

Be able to communicate and interact with other participants, staff and volunteers

Be able to communicate their wants and needs

Be able to conduct day to day activities such as toileting, eating, putting on a coat etc. by themselves

Be able to express emotions such as happiness, frustration and anger in a non-violent or aggressive manner

Be able to understand and adhere to the Code of Conduct

Be interested in progression towards employment