Admission request for Inspired


Clear criteria for admission to programmes run by Inspired must be based on the individual’s ability to participate meaningfully and not on any particular characteristic of the individual.


Admission policy for Inspired


Eligibility criteria

* Participants must be between at least 15 years old

* Participants must have an intellectual disability

* Participants must be able to behave in a socially appropriate manner and understand the code of conduct

* Participants must not have any serious health, care, or toileting needs

* Participants will need to be able to function independently of any carer/support worker

* Participants must be suitable candidates for progression towards employability within this programme.


Application Process

The application involves 3 stages

  1. Application form to be filled out by candidate and carer/parent
  2. Interview with candidate
  3. Trial period

The interview and trial are to assess the general suitability of each applicant. Places will only be given to those whose needs can be met by the programme and who will be able to participate meaningfully.



Once eligibility is established, applicants will be invited to attend an initial interview. Their needs and goals will be discussed. The interview will be conducted by two staff members. If deemed suitable at this stage, applicants will be invited to attend for a trial period to sample the programme.


Trial Period

The trial period gives the applicant an opportunity to meet the staff and find out more about the programme, what is involved and what is expected of them.


Decisions on Applications

The interview and trial period will form the basis of the decision to offer the applicant a place on the programme or not. Criteria for acceptance in the programme will focus on the needs of the applicant, the resources of the programme, and the need to recruit a varied and balanced group that can work together. A record of decision will be communicated to applicants in writing.


Code of Conduct

Each participant is required to read and understand the code of conduct. They must sign the code and agree to abide by it. It covers areas such as participation, respect, dignity, bullying, internet and equipment use.


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